Comic 141 - 200,000 Pageviews! [Kiriban]

6.1.2017 in Extras
200,000 Pageviews! [Kiriban]
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Author Notes:

Van Husk I
Hey! So I mentioned this on the last page but the comic has met the goal of 200,000 page views. For those of you that like numbers, it's pretty much doubled (in 6 months) what took the previous year to accrue! A pretty impressive jump from the last time, if you ask me. I just wanted to say (again) thank you for all of you who read or have read my comic. Every little bit helps motivate me so thank you for that.

I'll be resuming the regularly scheduled nonsense after this so stay put! >:D I will also be returning to my secondary comic Essoin for anyone who is interested in that. (Or if you have no idea it exists go give it a read, it's only seven pages so far if you've got two minutes.)

Anyways, I've got to be off to work my day job now. Thanks for all your support guys!

(P.S. - The next kiriban will be when I meet one of the following conditions: 250K visitors, 600K pageviews, or 250 subscribers. Ha! Let's see if I can do that in half a year.)


And how many web-bots auto-scanning your comic? ;D
Van Husk I
Just one that I know of...and now I blame you for it. >:O
You blame me... for Google?!? ?:O
Van Husk I
I never claimed to be rational. ٩( ᐛ )و
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Hey, nice!